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Looking down on 2 Italian paperweights made with "end of day" imperfect complex millefiori.

Complex millefiori (now sold out) is made by bundling 6 or more millefiori cane, reheating and re-pulling it. Each is a "patchwork' of incredible beauty.
This vintage collection is from the world famous ALT Factory in Murano, Italy, now closed. Most are over 50 years old. Please note that these imperfect complex millefiori are just that - not perfect - some are not round, some cracked, some have patterns that might be a little off center, and some do not have perfectly flat tops and bottoms. Pieces might also have "hazing" on the surfaces.
Most of these were produced for use in paperweights and are thicker (some are 1" thick) than traditional millefiori. The ends may be very uneven. Because they are made to be fused, irregularities and uneven cuts are not considered troublesome to the industry, so keep in mind that you will encounter these.
They are all "as is" and cannot be returned or exchanged. I have picked out most of the broken ones and an extra piece is added to each bag in case we missed one.

Complex Cane, Ends & Culls..50% OFF
Complex Cane, Ends & Culls..50% OFF

50% OFF! Almost out ~

A very limited quantity of complex cane, end pieces, some of them sheared, or broken. Includes some chipped pieces, odd pieces, longish canes, etc.