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Murano, Italy at by David Torchin 2014

Murano Millefiori & Fat Cat Smalti

"Everything for Glass Mosaics!"

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Pris Ewing, David, and Hunter Torchin

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Pris and Dave at Effetre in April 2014

We personally hand pick all of our millefiori at the world renowned Effetre factory in Murano/Venice, Italy. Murano Millefiori stocks the traditional millefiori slices (raw cut, no pre-drilled holes) as well as the more unusual ones such as swirls, stars, squares and other designs! All of our millefiori is made in Murano and is COE 104. All millefiori is compatible with Moretti Rods and Moretti glass. Our assortments and color paks are custom blended and cannot be found anywhere else. We offer more single color & design selections than anyplace on earth! We try to keep our retail prices as low as possible and regularly offer many selected styles on sale.


Technical Information:
~ Slices vary from 2mm to 30mm in diameter and thickness from 1/8 inch to 1/2 - 1" (also called 'Grand Tronconi').

COE is 104 - compatible with Moretti Glass & Moretti rods.

Effetre Product Information:

Coefficient of Expansion (COE): 104
Annealing range: 920 - 968º F
Strain Point: 840º F
Softening point: 1050º F
Working Temperature: 1400º F

Variations in size, color and thickness of all glass products are to be expected (some are opaque, opaque with some transparency, or totally transparent). Because these are difficult to photograph, clear transparent may appear white in the catalog or the background color on-line. For fusers "black" millefiori is actually dark dark cobalt. Many of the millefiori that appear black or have black veining will have dark dark cobalt which should turn back to the "black" when cooled.

"Very approximate" pieces per one ounce
numbers vary depending on the design, shape and thickness of cut. Every shipment we receive from the factory is a little different.

2-3mm 600-650 pcs.
3-4mm 400-450 pcs.
4-5mm 200-225 pcs.
5-6mm 135-145 pcs.
6-7mm 85
-100 pcs.
7-8mm 70-80 pcs
8-10mm 40-45 pcs.
10-12mm 20-25 pcs.
12-14mm 18-20 pcs.
14-16mm 10-12 pcs.
14-30mm ass't 8-12 pcs.

Approx. conversion to inches
5-6mm = 1/8 in
7-8mm = 3/16 in
8-10mm = 1/3 in
10-12mm = 3/8 in
12-14mm = 1/2 in
20mm = 3/4 in
25mm = 1 in

Millefiori Sizes

diagram of common bead sizes
Images are approximate and should display correctly at 1024 x 768 resolution. If you are using a different resolution, printing this page should give you an accurate chart.
Mille slices per inch
Size Approx. No Per 1":
2mm 8.25
3mm 8.25
4mm 6.25
5mm 5
6mm 4.25
7mm 3.5
8mm 3.25
9mm 2.75
10mm 2.5
12mm 2
14mm 1.75
16mm 1.5
18mm 1.25

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